6 Simple ways you can be a good friend to a photographer.

Here are some simple ways that you can be a good friend to a photographer.

  • Hire Us – That doesn’t mean that you invite us to come to your daughters birthday, christening, graduation and then casually ask if we can bring our camera also.
  • Tag Us – It makes us do a happy dance if you tag us on your Facebook or Instagram. Just one tag on your socials can mean a few inquiries to us.
  • No Filters Please – We spend hours editing your photos so that they look their best and a little part of us dies when you add an Instagram filter. If you want your photos to look a certain way, then find a photographer who edits that way. But please, don’t put a filter over us.
  • Interact With Us – We love it when people ‘like’ or photos or even best, when people ‘comment’. It means that you will keep seeing our work on the socials and it will also show it to your friends, which may lead to inquiries. If 53 million people can ‘like’ a photo of an egg on Instagram, then you can ‘like’ our photos. (53,127,392 people to be exact!)
  • Pay Us – For a lot of us, this is our job and we have bills too. Not just everyday living bills, but costs that are associated with our work. Our equipment isn’t cheap, we need to insure us and you (liability insurance) and also the programs that we use to make your photos look amazing. We give pretty good deals to friends & family but please pay us for our work.
  • Tell Us What You Really Think – Love your photos? GREAT – then tell everyone that you love them by leaving us some feedback. Not only does it make us do another happy dance, but it tells people that we are awesome and that they should book us too!

There you have it. If you have a photographer friend in your life, you now have 6 ways to be a better friend to them! HAHAHAHA

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