Before & Afters with WhiteJasmin Photography

I thought I would show you some Before & After images just so you can see what the image looks like SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) and then once it has been edited. Some only have minor edits eg: colour corrected and a bit of POP.. While others have had quite obvious changes.

The top image is what we call ‘cool’ it has a blue tone to it. So we ‘warm-up’ the image and then add a little colour to the yellow leaves.

Similar thing to these two images. Just a little warmth (making sure we keep the skin tones looking normal) and some POP to the colour in the background.

When we want to keep the gorgeousness of the sunset we ‘expose for the background’ which means that our subjects are very dark. But with some magic in photoshop, we are able to bring them back.

This was a rather cold day at Araluen but I wanted to give it a warm feeling. So once again, added some warmth, keeping the whites white (very important) and the skin tones even and dropped in a fake ‘sun glow’ on the left.

The sun had almost set when this was taken but in the SOOC image you can see some light hitting the back of her head. So after colour correcting (making sure that the colours of the skin and dress are correct), just a hint of sun glow was added to the top left corner.

Just a little edit. The normal colour correcting and some extra sparkle in the eyes on this one.

And to finish off, the SOOC image to the edited image to a black and white image. I like my colour images to be bright and bold, but I like my black and white images to be dark and moody. There is such a difference in the feel and mood when you compare the colour to the black and white image.

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