Five ways to prepare your kids for an awesome session.

As a parent who gets her family photos done, I understand that sometimes it can be stressful with kids. As the mood of the children can often make or break a session. Are they nervous? Tired? Excited? Crying? Shy? Cooperative? And how do you the parents react to these emotions? Well read on for five way to prepare your kids for a successful and stress-free family session.

One – Get them Excited: Both kids and adults like to know what is coming. So plan a surprise trip to a favourite ice-cream shop or go out to your favourite restaurant for dinner. Make it a tradition and then the kids will look forward to the family photos every year.

Two – Tell Them About Me: It’s hard for children to meet someone new and be completely relaxed with them. So tell them a little about me. Tell them my name is Angie. Tell them if you have ever me or if you are also meeting me for the first time. Tell them that you are also feeling nervous/excited about the session. Tell them that we will play some games and get to tickle Mum & Dad. Tell them that they will have fun!

Three – Feed Them: It’s as simple as that. Full tummies = happy kids. Pack some non-messy food for the car if you are going out for dinner afterwards. Kids are more likely to be restless and easily upset if they are hungry.

Four – Bring Along Their Favourite Toy: Or stuffed animal, their blankie or anything that brings comfort to them. If your child needs to have a break for a few minutes, it’s nice for them to have something on hand. It’s ok, if your child won’t let go of their fave toy. Including them in the family photos shows what your family life is truly like at this time. And you’ll look back on those photos and remember when your little one couldn’t be without ‘teddy’.

Five – Don’t Be Afraid To Step Away: If you feel that your child is about to take a turn for the worse, then please walk away. I will not be offended in the least and if your session takes a little longer than planned, well – that’s life. Children can sometimes feel pressure to ‘perform’ and with everyone looking at them they can sometimes shut down. So take them away for a few minutes to talk to them, show them something and just get them relaxed again. If you are stressed then your children can feed off your emotions and feel your mood. So, just take a deep breath, and remember to have faith in your me that I can still deliver beautiful images even when you think your children have been absolute terrors!

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