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I was looking through some of my daughters art work the other day that I had saved from school and I came across one from Fathers Day in 2013. You know the one I’m talking about – they answer questions all about their dad. Usually with hilarious results and questionable spelling haha…

My Dad is 04 years old.

His hair is black and his eyes are brown.

If I could give my Daddy anything it would be a hug.

He loves to eat sbgedey. (Can you figure that one out?? haha)

It makes my Dad happy when we have a worck to gethuer  (walk together)

Daddy always tells me to clen my room.  (Must have got confused with Mum there)

My favourite thing about my Dad is wen i gi him grat big hugs.


Then I got to thinking.. I wonder if I have a photo of the 2 of them together that I can put with that as a visual reminder of both of them. And it turns out that I did. It was the first year that I got professional photos done of our family. It was then that I decided that family photos would be a priority and get done every year. Yes I’m a photographer and yes I could set up a camera on a tripod with a remote trigger – but where is the fun in that. I want the same experience as I give my clients..

(Thank you to Astrid Simone Photography for the below image)



But enough about me and my family..

So I guess what I am trying to say is that updating the photos of the kids every year is important. But what is equally and perhaps more important is the one-on-one photos with Mum and Dad.

And Dad’s usually have the same level of enthusiasm as teenage boys when it comes to having their photo taken. Sometimes I think they would prefer going to the dentist!

But that is only at the start of the session. We have secret ways of making Dad’s end up loving the session – Don’t believe me? Take a look through the below photos of Dad’s having fun!

(Though the baby at the end doesn’t look very enthused HAHA)




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