It is so important to exist in the photos with your children – FOR your children. As mums we are everywhere in everyday of their young lives, and yet we have very few pictures of us with them. Some day we won’t be here – and we don’t know if that will be tomorrow or in 40 years from now – but we want them to have photos of us. We want them to see how much we loved them. You may feel that you are not perfect to look at – but you are perfectly their mum.

So if you can’t do it for you – do it for them.

"If we can't do it for ourselves, then let's do it for our children."

Hi, I’m Angie and I totally believe in making memories that your family will treasure forever. And I’m not just talking about the digital images that we can’t wait to share online – I mean prints on the wall, prints on the fridge, prints where ever you can see them. Life is so busy that we forget the small moments, like that day you insisted on dressing yourself or that magical leaf you found at the park and had to bring everywhere with you.

So take photos – take LOTS of photos and don’t just leave them on your phone. Get them printed – make an album. I make an album every year with our photos, and yes, most of them are from my phone. I even took a photo everyday for a year then got it printed and framed (on the left).

Get family photos done every year and watch how much everyone changes. And then print these photos or make a album. Imagine being able to hold these memories in your hands and sitting down with the family and look back through the years, rather than trying to remember where on the computer you saved your photos (you did save them right?).


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