Why hire a professional photographer

If you are looking at hiring a photographer whether it be for your wedding, a family shoot or even for a product you sell, here are a few tips to consider.


The golden rule here is that ‘you get what you pay for’. If the photographer is only charging you $50 to photograph your family – then there’s likely a reason for it.

  • They may not have much experience in shooting that particular field. Photographing a family is WAY different to real-estate photography    (I know – I’ve done both).
  • Their camera/equipment might not be as high-quality. You don’t need to have the most expensive camera to take a photo, but the quality of the photo does depend on the quality of your camera and lenses.
  • It is also likely that they are doing some photography ‘on the side’. This isn’t their sole income. So you might not get the level of editing and time that is required for amazing photos.

Perth family photography at Araluen Botanic Park in Roleystone, Perth



You need to like your photographer. Especially if you are asking them to take photos of your family or even spend 8 hours with you on your wedding day. My job is to make some memories for you that you are going to love. So I’ll need to crack some inappropriate jokes with you and your bridal party just to lighten the mood and get everyone relaxed. I’ll also need to get your family to play some games so that your kids are engaging with me and I get real smiles out of them. I’m not saying that you need to be a BFF with your photographer, but you do need to be able to talk to them and tell them what is important to you.


Wedding engagement ring


This one ties in with budget. Choose a photographer whose images you LOVE. If you are choosing purely on budget, you may run the risk of not loving your photos. Think about what you would like your photos to look like. Do you like the grainy/film look? or the bold/bright colours? Then find a photographer that shoots and edits like that. Don’t book a photographer that only shoots in black & white and then wonder why you didn’t receive any colour images!


Perth Family Photography


Ask to see their previous work.  Check out their blog. This will also give you an idea what their style is. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, don’t look through their family sessions…. ask to see their wedding work. Trust me, it is way different photographing a bridal party than it is a family.  An experienced photographer can shoot at any location and give you amazing images. An inexperienced photographer may only shoot at 1 or 2 locations they feel comfortable with.  An experienced photographer knows all the shots they need to get a wedding – from the first kiss as husband and wife to the place-cards at the reception that you painstakingly wrote out one by one. An inexperienced photographer may miss shots, important shots and they will be gone forever.


girl in field





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