The Stories Behind The Photos.

Yesterday on my Instagram I mentioned that when I enter someone’s home for the first time, it’s the family photos that capture my attention. And the stories behind those photos.

I also shared that one of my favourite photos of my family, I’m not even in it!! And my husbands favourite family photo, he is only half in! So it’s not quite the photo itself that we love, it’s the STORY behind the photo. And so today, I would like to share that story with you.

It all started with a trip to Europe. At first it was going to be just the three of us, and then we decided to take our ‘other daughter’. Technically she is the daughter of my best friend, but un-technically she is our ‘other daughter’. Just like our daughter is their ‘other daughter’.

Every place we would go, we would always take a ‘Team Selfie’ just with an iPhone as a silly reminder of the places we had been. But when the opportunity arose, I would use my good camera to set up a family shot. This involved me leaning the camera against something, setting the 10 second timer and running into frame.

We had been out the whole day visiting castles in Austria, and on the drive home we saw some ruins and a really cool bridge. So we stopped to investigate. There was no-one else around and we were able to just wander through the ruins of what used to be a fort. And then I saw what would make a great family photo. So I directed the family on where to stand and set up the camera. The only problem being with this particular photo, was that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get there in time. We were laughing so much at my attempts as I wasn’t even able to get so much as an arm in the photo.

Now what you can’t see in this photo is that the only way to get from the camera to the family, is by going left a few metres, then down a ‘ruined staircase’, turning right and jumping up on to the ledge where the family is standing. After giving the family strict instructions to ‘look at the camera no matter what happens’, I pressed the timer and took off running as fast as I could over crumbling rock. And this is the photo!!!

This was the last day of our 4 week European holiday. We had just driven from Germany to Austria to visit 2 amazing castles. It was about 7pm, the girls were exhausted, and we were driving back to our home in Germany when we decided on stopping to climb ‘The longest Tibet-Style footbridge at 402m’. We saw the ruins and decided to explore them.

So to me, this photo represents an amazing 4 weeks of introducing the girls to some of our favourite places, experiencing new places, museums, castles, churches. We climbed an active volcano, we went to the Vatican City, we ate snails in Paris.

Want to see my husbands attempt? He tried twice!!

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  1. Brings back very fond memories of you guys staying at my place at Rotterdam, Holland. Photo’s brought a smile to my face, and a good hard laugh.

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