What to Wear

Choosing what to wear can sometimes be the hardest part about your shoot. So here are some hints and ideas.

Coordinate outfits

  Now this doesn’t mean everyone has to 100% match with blue jeans and a white shirt!  You want to complement each other’s outfits by choosing colours that work well together.  I find that if everyone is wearing the same clothing, people will all tend to blend in together and there won’t be too much pop and life to the images.  Coordinate VS. Matching….there IS a difference.

Use colours & patterns

Colours are everywhere around us and they bring things to life… why not bring your images to life as well!  When picking patterns, choose smaller ones that won’t distract . Use patterns sparingly…. if one person is wearing a print, try to avoid putting someone else in a competing pattern. Avoid large logo’s, emblems and graphics because again, these will typically be distracting.  We want your faces and emotion to show, not promote the brand you are wearing! I always like to suggest choosing a ‘base’ colour and then have everyone wear something in that colour. Remember we want to coordinate, not match.

Let personalities SHINE

Perhaps the most important “rule” in my book.  The purpose of these photos is to hopefully capture each individual as they truly are, to capture the family, the relationships, and people in the photos just as THEY are. So forcing children to wear outfits that are uncomfortable and they just don’t like will cause them street and they won’t be themselves.  Same goes for adults.  Wear clothing that YOU feel good in and the pictures will emanate those feelings.  If your son wears a pair of rain boots everywhere he goes, or your daughter is rockin’ a rainbow tutu everyday – then let them wear it. Remember, you want to capture everyone as they are NOW.


One of my favourite “tips” for clothing choices!  In the warmer months, this may be more difficult to pull off but definitely layer your outfits.  Have a ton of images of yourself in just your dress or cute top and jeans?  Throw on a little  sweater or jacket and a hat and you have entirely different look.

Plan ahead

Make sure you have given yourself enough time to think about all of the details of your session.  Plan ahead so that #1 you can truly think about your photos and everything you want out of the session, #2 you aren’t rushing and stressing out right before your session, and #3 if you have decided to go for a new look for your session or someone gets a bad haircut, you still have time to fix things if you need to.


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